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Our team is dedicated to helping make significant improvements in the lives of children, including those diagnosed with autism, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We help individuals learn and acquire Basic and Advanced Daily Living Skills, Communication and Language Skills, Social Skills, Community Interaction Skills, and Academic Success Skills.


Our goal is to help children and students become as independent as possible throughout their lives.

Skills Based Developmental Assessments: ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, and AFLS

School Consultation: I.E.P. Development, Discrete Trial Instruction, Staff Training

Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans

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Applied Behavior Analytic services in your home are designed to help your child develop new skills and/or decrease inappropriate maladaptive behaviors via individualized treatment plans developed by BCBAs including discrete trial instruction, individual and group social skills training, and behavior intervention plans as needed.


Community based ABA programming supports your child's community participation skill development in the community by building upon and generalizing skills developed at home and in school. We also collaborate with other providers including OT, Speech, DDS, and other services to best serve your child.


ABA programs based on your student's needs as assessed by ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, and/or AFLS and determined by the I.E.P. process are created and supervised by BCBAs. Teacher, staff, and team training on IEP goals and objectives development, discrete trial instruction training, data collection, BIP implementation are provided.


Daytime birth-3, pre-k, and after school clinic based ABA services in Shelton CT and Watertown CT are designed to provide your child with 1:1 ABA therapy in a highly structured, low distraction format to help assess and improve basic communication, language, socialization, play, learning to learn, pre-academic and daily living skills.

Program delivery conducted by BCBAs, BCaBAs, and Behavior Therapists with ABA experience ranging from 8 - 20 years each.

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